About Basak

by Basak Prince

Hi, my name is Basak

(pronounced as Bashak)

I’m a photographic artist specialized in landscape, travel, and street photography based in Southern California.

In 1994, I came to Southern California for a summer vacation. Since then, I call Los Angeles home. First, I earned my bachelor’s degree in Communication from USC. After that, I started working as a marketing manager for Outdoor Photographer magazine. Inspired by all the images in Outdoor Photographer magazine, I bought my first camera and taught myself art of photography from the magazines I was marketing. 

My work has been published in local and international sites and magazines, such as National Geography, Landscape Photography and Popular Photography. Los Angeles Center of Photography exhibited my street photography several times over the years. In addition, I am an active member of the Los Angeles Street Collective, a group of photographers dedicated to documenting the streets of Los Angeles.

Moreover, I am also a volunteer mentor with Pablove Shutterbugs, a photography program that teaches the art of photography to children living with cancer.

Artist’s Statement 

For me, photography is not only about creating beautiful images. It is the journey that takes me to an edge of a cliff overlooking the snow-capped mountains. It is witnessing a once-in-a-decade wildflower super-blooming in the desert. Or, it is catching the first light of the day, painting the face of El Capitan pink.

Above all, it is about seeing the light, chasing the light and hope to inspire others to go look for the light and really see the world. 

As a result, the images I make are the natural outcome of this process, of my self-expression, creating the main characters of my journey and rediscovering myself. 

Thanks for stopping by and share my journey through my pictures. I hope they will inspire you to create your own journey.

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